Rose Dalla Pasqua RDH, CNP

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12087148_lOur Priority is Your Oral Health

Start Fresh Dental Hygiene provides thorough oral health care. The relationship with your dental hygienist is very important. Our goal is to make your visit enjoyable and comfortable while knowing we can efficiently take care of your dental hygiene issues and if need be, refer you to a specialist. We view clients as an extension of family and providing you with the best oral health care possible over your lifetime is paramount. No matter your age, we know the dental hygiene issues that may affect your overall health and well being and will do our utmost to help prevent them. 

Did you know over the years the dental hygiene scope of practice has expanded to better meet your oral health care needs? Dental hygienists work with you by providing client specific tips about preventing gum disease and tooth decay, and by providing evidence-based data to keep your mouth healthy. 

At Start Fresh, we not only clean teeth, but we also provide a process of care that involves assessing your oral health, planning and implementing a personalized treatment, and evaluating your individual oral care program. As a Regulated Health Care Professional, Start Fresh is qualified to assist you with preventing periodontal disease and cavities.